Water leakage identification Testing

I have water leaking into my basement / cellar / garage / ceiling / coming up in my garden / running down my walls etc and would like to identify where it is coming from………

The South East Water laboratory at Frimley has extensive experience in the testing leak water to identify its origin.

Water leaking up into property can come from many sources. Often it is something as simple as a raised water table following a particularly wet period of weather. In certain cases the water might have originated from sources such as a burst water mains or a local sewer with a leak that has tracked into your property.

These kinds of leaks can be most evident in town and associated with a cellar, particularly an older cellar that relies on a lower ground water level and that hasn't been "tanked".

Identifying the source of the water leak can be carried out using our standard tests. These can test for residual chemical balances that identify mains water, or contaminants that will identify sewer water.

We will normally carry out two tests, one being from the leak water along with a second being from your tap.

Water Testing – standard quote formats - identification of water source.

spring watercellar flood leak

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