Well; Spring; Borehole Water Testing

I have a well / spring / borehole on my land and would like to have the water tested to see if I can drink it / bottle it ………

Our Frimley Laboratories have extensive experience in the testing of local natural water sources intended for a wide range of uses.

We can advise on your legal responsibilities, in particular where the water might be for use by people beyond your immediate family

This can be a recommendation for a testing regime, what you should test for and how to resolve matters should the testing show up any concerns.

Routine testing of natural water sources including boreholes can often be carried out on the spot using off the shelf products.

Often it is is important to carry out a more complete test, especially where there is a change of use of the water, perhaps you now intend to drink it. Or where your own testing regime reveals any problems or change in the water quality.

borehole, spring water

Do you want to bottle your spring water?

We can advise on the implemenation of a suitable risk assessment regime.

Also see: A critical analysis of the riparian rights of water abstractors within England and Wales

and: The Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2004

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Is the facility Commercial or Private
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Can you tell us some more about the water source. Such as how old it is, has it been tested before, usage patterns.
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